Google Pollution

Google Maps drives pollution

Google Maps encourages car use over active travel. Including cycling and walking, EVEN When they are more suitable than using a car. Mobile phones with Google Maps installed, it's important to note that Google Maps comes pre-installed on most Android devices,…

Micromobility lime London Ebikes

Ebikes are the future of micromobility

We have talked quite a bit as to the future development of the micromobility space in the UK. We have continued to see money go into Escooter trails with mixed results. However, the stand out success of ebike free floating rentals shows the future is not with…

London Restrictive Micromobility provider

London's Micromobility Strategy

London's Micromobility strategy: There is something peculiar about how different micromobility firms are operating in London. There seems to be so many restrictions on usage of the ebikes, which are not licensed by central government unlike Escooters. Council…

pedestrianisation and micromobilty

Pedestrianisation and Micromobility

What has been clear over the past few weeks of micromobility conferences in the UK. Along with local elections in May is the political capital for low traffic neighbourhoods aka pedestrianisation goes hand in hand with the rise of micromobility. What we know …

Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

The University of Warwick's WMG hosted a highly focussed micromobility one day conference. Bringing together the protagonists of this new and exciting industry. The conference launched the WMG Micromobility road map. You can find the micromobility roadmapMic…

Battery swapping Rural Mobility

Rural Mobility

How battery swapping tech will go some way to improving rural mobility in the UK. The back ground; There is quite strong political capital to try to improve the lives of rural Britain. Who consituents are often poorly served with council services, especially …

French Advert Micromobility News

'Opt for Micromobility': French car ads required to back travel alternatives from 2022

A New Year present for micromobility supports here in the UK. France in their wisdom are beginning to treat car owner as a bit like smoking. With car usage affects the general public with negative factors. So they should promote alternatives. Ostensibly they …

UK India Trade deal Micromobility news

UK India Trade deal and micromobility

We aim to do series of articles on the impact of the upcoming UK trade deals with larger countries. Countries like India with big manufacturering supply side capacity and the affect these trade deals will have on the UK micromobility market. The India UK free…

Shared Mobility Conferene 2021

Trudy Harrison says shared mobility must become the norm

TRANSPORT MINISTER: SHARED MOBILITY MUST BECOME “THE NORM” ACROSS UK Transport Minister Trudy Harrison has said that shared mobility must become “the norm” across the UK as she outlined support for a system “fit for the future”. Addressing the Collaborative M…

Ireland Micro Mobility

Ireland begins to regulate microMobility

Irish government’s approval of e-scooter legislation has begun its journey. The Government of Ireland’s recently published Road Traffic and Roads Bill 2021, includes micromobility in Ireland. Ireland’s Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said: “We committed in…