Micromobility lime London Ebikes

Ebikes are the future of micromobility

We have talked quite a bit as to the future development of the micromobility space in the UK. We have continued to see money go into Escooter trails with mixed results. However, the stand out success of ebike free floating rentals shows the future is not with…

London Restrictive Micromobility provider

London's Micromobility Strategy

London's Micromobility strategy: There is something peculiar about how different micromobility firms are operating in London. There seems to be so many restrictions on usage of the ebikes, which are not licensed by central government unlike Escooters. Council…

Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

The University of Warwick's WMG hosted a highly focussed micromobility one day conference. Bringing together the protagonists of this new and exciting industry. The conference launched the WMG Micromobility road map. You can find the micromobility roadmapMic…

Move Micromobility

Micromobility Conferences 2022

Through the summer of 2022, finally at the back end of the world Covid 19 pandemic. With lateral flow tests and PCR tests finally behind us to go to conferences and traval abroad. This summer there are a number of micromobility conferences that we would like …

micromobility italy

Micromobility and coastal tourism

We have felt the micromobility revolution will help bring new life into the coastal towns. Where there are huge spikes in both traffic and residents in the area over the few months of the summer. The idea of Ebikes providing an alternative to the car for the…

Cargo bikes micromobility

Productivity improvements with micromobility

There have been a number of publicly discussed examples of how individuals and companies have taken cargo ebikes to radically improve their efficiency of going about and delivering their work. We had the privilege of speaking to Andy from Bread by bike. He to…

Mapping and Micromobility

Micromobility and Mapping

Maps along with the mobility as a service will become micromobility's version of a web browser. These services are where transport, especially around urban environments will be conducted, engaged with and called upon. As Harace Dediu, the technologist recentl…

Human Forest Emopeds micomobility

Humanforest Micromobility to launch UK’s first shared e-moped service

HumanForest, London's micromobility firm is set to roll out its shared e-moped service in London from January. This will be the first company in the country to have a shared e-moped fleet. It will c consist of 100 vehicles, to be deployed across the capital, …

Tier Mobility and next bikes merge to create Multi model Micro mobility Europe

Tier pushes for consolidation in the UK

Tier Mobility, the fast growing german based micro mobility provider has acquired Next Bike. Next bike, a German based bike franchise operator with operations in the UK have been acquired by Tier mobility. Extending Tier's major commitment to bikes. With the…


HumanForest micro Mobility brings commercial service to businesses

HUMANFOREST Micro mobility service in london launches a businesss account HumanForest, one of London's micro-mobility shared e bikes is now launching its green e-bikes with an innovative payment model to support gig economy riders and local businesses. Giving…