'Opt for Micromobility': French car ads required to back travel alternatives from 2022

January 4, 2022


A New Year present for micromobility supports here in the UK.

France in their wisdom are beginning to treat car owner as a bit like smoking. With car usage affects the general public with negative factors. So they should promote alternatives.

Ostensibly they are using the emissions as the reason, rather than traffic.

The advert requirement is for 7 percent of the advert space to promote an alternative to the car.

Be it in media -- print, TV, radio or internet -- and must also include the hashtag "#SeDeplacerMoinsPolluer" Which is "Move and Pollute Less in English.

This is a big step in the right direction.

Here at Micromobility News we are campaigning for those who create traffic to charged for traffic in some way. While yes it is the car manufacturers who are partly to blame. While the other and perhaps bigger part of the is complex social interaction are those who drive the traffic. Who create the demand. Be it large real estate companies such as supermarkets and large employers.

Micromobility News solution:

In the UK we have the traffic light system for salty and sugary foods. Warning consumers around the healthiness of the food. While we should start to label and signpost organisations and places who encourage car use for their lack of provision of alternative solutions.

In this vein we have reached out to Shell to ask why their forecourts which often hold markets in them does not have any provision for micromobility.

We have played around with a classic car add to see what it might look like:

French Advert Micromobility News

The French car advert will also have to include a vehicle's CO2 emission class. So far automakers appear ready to comply, if not enthusiastically.

"It means that overall, we have to find alternatives to the automobile. It's the first time we've had such a direct message from the government," Lionel French Keogh, the head of Hyundai France, told AFP.

Lional Keogh might do well to buy a micromobility business!