Dott launches E Scooter brain micro mobility

November 4, 2021


Neuron micro Mobility has launched trials in the UK, Australia and Canada of its new ‘e-scooter brain’.

which features features focusing on passenger safety. A six-month global trial has statted across four cities in three countries (the UK, Australia and Canada) to tests its new safety tech, Escooter brain.

The technology will give the micro mobility company, and the city authorities managing shared e-scooter programme control of how the vehicles are ridden and parked.

The range of new technologies in the E scooter brain include:

High Accuracy Location Technology (HALT), Rapid Geofence Detection (RGD), an array of multi-function sensors and a new proprietary vehicle operating system.

we feel this would be a great start to ve added for the market anaylsis asked for by UK DEFENSE research on allowing mobility to be controlled by police. The world’s first Dangerous Riding Detection (DRD) system for e-scooters. Allowing the correction or termination of a ride forxunsafe behaviours in real time. While on the flip side rewarding and profiling users to incentivising safe riding.