London Restrictive Micromobility provider

London's Micromobility Strategy

London's Micromobility strategy: There is something peculiar about how different micromobility firms are operating in London. There seems to be so many restrictions on usage of the ebikes, which are not licensed by central government unlike Escooters. Council…

pedestrianisation and micromobilty

Pedestrianisation and Micromobility

What has been clear over the past few weeks of micromobility conferences in the UK. Along with local elections in May is the political capital for low traffic neighbourhoods aka pedestrianisation goes hand in hand with the rise of micromobility. What we know …

Cargo bikes micromobility

Cargo bikes bring alternative solutions for the urban delivery

Ecargo Bike delivery London Micromobility The new generation of cargo bikes with their improved motors, lighter frames and wider bodies. Are now beginning to provide the alternative solution of logistics firms in the urban environment. Becoming a pillar of th…

Micromobility Docking stations

Micromobility docking stations

Docking and charging stations are perhaps one part of the future of how micromobility can be suitably and successfully placed onto the high street. The micromobility firms see this too. Especially as a way of building good quality relationship with Government…

Shared Mobility Conferene 2021

Trudy Harrison says shared mobility must become the norm

TRANSPORT MINISTER: SHARED MOBILITY MUST BECOME “THE NORM” ACROSS UK Transport Minister Trudy Harrison has said that shared mobility must become “the norm” across the UK as she outlined support for a system “fit for the future”. Addressing the Collaborative M…

Move Conference 2021

Move conference 2021

Thrilled to be hosted at the Move Conference at the Excel over the past two days. So much to cover. And we can report a small by highly determined group of individuals who can re imagine urban mobility through the use of sophisicated tools that enable quality…

Dirt e scooter Braun micro mobility

Dott launches E Scooter brain micro mobility

Neuron micro Mobility has launched trials in the UK, Australia and Canada of its new ‘e-scooter brain’. which features features focusing on passenger safety. A six-month global trial has statted across four cities in three countries (the UK, Australia and Can…

Burning E scooter micro mobility on tube

E scooter fire on tube raises questions about carriage

A video showing e-scooter on fire with passengers gasping for air on the london underground network has brought questions as their viablilty as safe objects on the tube. In the video, Passengers can be heard coughing and gasping for air as smoke raises from t…

Bird E scooter Micro Mobility

Bird allows competitors on its app

The E scooter and Micro mobility operator has taken an adult approach to their app. While cleverly taken a cue from the open banking trend. Their app now shows rentable city bikes from public operators The company has launched public bikeshare integration for…

E scooters Ireland

GPS pavement safety tools come to Bird

bird is developing a better driver software. esstienrially giving real time to when the scotter is being ridden on tge pavement . Micromobility e scooter operator has unveiled its ‘smart sidewalk protection’ product designed to prevent their hired scooters be…