Micromobility lime London Ebikes

Ebikes are the future of micromobility

We have talked quite a bit as to the future development of the micromobility space in the UK. We have continued to see money go into Escooter trails with mixed results. However, the stand out success of ebike free floating rentals shows the future is not with…

Micromobility Escooter Railway

Why were Esooters banned in the UK

Why were Escooters banned anyway? It is a complex story. Mostly down to the huge presssure the UK legisators were under to include as much of vehicles, two wheels, electric or otherwise as a taxed and insuranced vehicle if used on the public roads. So in arou…

Battery swapping Rural Mobility

Rural Mobility

How battery swapping tech will go some way to improving rural mobility in the UK. The back ground; There is quite strong political capital to try to improve the lives of rural Britain. Who consituents are often poorly served with council services, especially …

Profitability Micromobility news

Profitability Micromobility news

As with the early dot com booms. Micromobililty firms including Lime and Bird are seriously struggling to make a profit after some massive fund raising efforts. Reporting in the FT this week. Bird loosing $37m on a turn over of $65m in the last quarter. Pure …

Car companies become micromobility

Car companies are becoming micromobility companies

Our prediction has been that car companies of today will need to become micromobility firms to survive is slowly becoming true. Mobility as a service is mostly done through micromobility. With larger cars providing a smaller part of the mix. This month, Seat…