Move Micromobility

Micromobility Conferences 2022

Through the summer of 2022, finally at the back end of the world Covid 19 pandemic. With lateral flow tests and PCR tests finally behind us to go to conferences and traval abroad. This summer there are a number of micromobility conferences that we would like …

Grace Packard Micromobility

Grace Packard urban micromobility

This afternoon we had the privilege to sit down with Grace Packard to discuss the transport challenges of the urban environment, especially around micromobility. Grace Packard is a principal consultant at momentum tra…

Escooter Micromobility Regulation

Dr Ianto Guy presents a pathway for suitable regulation of micromobility

At the CoMo conference Dr Ianto Guy laid out points around the future of how micromobility could be regulated. We must be careful Government does not over regulate the sector as it emerges with its rapidly improving technology. While encouraging the model shi…