Google Maps and the Encouragement of Urban Pollution

Google Maps and the Encouragement of Urban Pollution

Google Maps and the Encouragement of Urban Pollution: The Issue of Car Use as Default Introduction: Google Maps has become an essential tool for people across the globe to navigate through cities and towns. Although it offers various means of transportation o…

Google Pollution

Google Maps drives pollution

Google Maps encourages car use over active travel. Including cycling and walking, EVEN When they are more suitable than using a car. Mobile phones with Google Maps installed, it's important to note that Google Maps comes pre-installed on most Android devices,…

Micromobility lime London Ebikes

Ebikes are the future of micromobility

We have talked quite a bit as to the future development of the micromobility space in the UK. We have continued to see money go into Escooter trails with mixed results. However, the stand out success of ebike free floating rentals shows the future is not with…

London Restrictive Micromobility provider

London's Micromobility Strategy

London's Micromobility strategy: There is something peculiar about how different micromobility firms are operating in London. There seems to be so many restrictions on usage of the ebikes, which are not licensed by central government unlike Escooters. Council…

micromobility italy

Micromobility and coastal tourism

We have felt the micromobility revolution will help bring new life into the coastal towns. Where there are huge spikes in both traffic and residents in the area over the few months of the summer. The idea of Ebikes providing an alternative to the car for the…

Micromobility Escooter Railway

Why were Esooters banned in the UK

Why were Escooters banned anyway? It is a complex story. Mostly down to the huge presssure the UK legisators were under to include as much of vehicles, two wheels, electric or otherwise as a taxed and insuranced vehicle if used on the public roads. So in arou…

Micromoblity Cargo Bikes

The transformative power of micromobility

A version of this blog entry first appeared at the Conservative Environment Network blog. The transformative power of micromobility for the environment The average car journey in the UK is around 8 miles. This is bad for the environment, for our health. We no…

Micromobility Councils

Ebike growth and councils

In the past week, one council has announced an ebike partnership with three micromobility providers. Further proof that the ebike strategy is the growth story of micromobility here in the UK. Floating dockless ebike rentals in london are the real growth story…

York Micromobiliy Rail users

Rail stations are the key to unlocking micromobility

We have written and produced a podcast as to the value of train stations for micromobility. With parcels as passengers along with train stations being mobility hubs. With Parcels being delivered to the train station rather than into the town using a van. It i…

Human Forest Emopeds micomobility

Humanforest Micromobility to launch UK’s first shared e-moped service

HumanForest, London's micromobility firm is set to roll out its shared e-moped service in London from January. This will be the first company in the country to have a shared e-moped fleet. It will c consist of 100 vehicles, to be deployed across the capital, …