The Queen Speech on Micromobility

May 15, 2022


The Queen speech yesterday didnt mention Micromobility exactly rather it alluded to thus new industry to soon be brought into a regulatory environment.

The UK government has announced a Transport Bill at the Speech designed to keep the UK "at the forefront of transport innovation". We believe will include measures to legalise private e-scooters.

Within the next year as part of a new Transport Bill, will also include new rules to increase the number of electric charge points and allow for self-driving vehicles on UK roads.

While there was no mention of escooters, ebikes or Cargo evikes in the Queen Speech comments, or subsequent government documents, a Government spokeswoman told the BBC that e-scooter regulation would be part of the Bill when full details are published.

"While riding a privately owned e-scooter on public land is currently illegal, we are considering how best to design future regulations and our Transport Bill will help us to take the steps we need to make e-scooters safer and support innovation," said the spokeswoman.