Reaching out to Shell Micromobility

November 27, 2021


: Near where the MicroMobility News Site is there an busy supermarket and Fuel station run by shell. With Waitrose running the market within the forecourt.

On any one day there are a number of bikes pulling up at the Battersea Shell fuel court, next to Battersea park, not to use the fuel pumbs. Rather to use the waitrose food store in side.

I have reached out to Shell to ask what micromobility solutions they are offering to their forecourt users. I have addded the letter below. Once we get the response I will publish it.

Dear Shell,

Just wanted to reach to Shell to ask what they are doing to accommodate micromobility on the Shell forecourts in the U.K.

Especially for the likelihood of members of local community to use the food stores often found in your forecourts.

A solution for parking / Charging of micromobility solutions would be enable the non car driving local community to be better served by Shell on their critical piece of community real estate.

While micro mobility is an obvious low impact transport solution for the short journeys for the local residents reducing the short journeys.

Please see a photo of the bikes in or close to the Battersea park shell station from which there is no provision for micromobility.

Yours sincerely Shell MicroMobility