Productivity improvements with micromobility

March 3, 2022


There have been a number of publicly discussed examples of how individuals and companies have taken cargo ebikes to radically improve their efficiency of going about and delivering their work.

We had the privilege of speaking to Andy from Bread by bike. He told micromobility news about the virtues of low traffic neighbourhoods that encourage cargo bikes use for commercial delivery. 

Delivering bread across the north of London with their Larry vs Harry ecargo bikes.  Gaining a lot of experience on how cargo bikes have radically improved their operations.

Micromobility news Low traffic neighbourhood

Andy goes onto tell Micromobolity news:

Bread by bikes use ecargo bikes simply because they are the best solution from the delivery option. Costs and efficiencies along with environmental concerns mean ecargo bikes trumps all other options.

When choosing how we delivered our bakery we had a range of options.

But it became clear one shouldn't underestimate the cost of traffic.  Traffic in the Highbury area in North London is so bad there are businesses than van deliveries can simply not get to. It is grid lock.

If you have to go across Highbury you could be looking at an hour to get through there in a van.

With an Ecargo ebike it is minutes."

There is considerable investment needed to make the urban environment bicycle friendly. For a long time the road system was based on the car. We are now witnessing a change of focus to provide the road network suitable for the bicycle including ecargo bikes.

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods has reduced traffic for ecargo bikes: Andy goes on to say "The big thing around the North of London is the  rise of Low traffic neighbourhood" says Andy." It is the one that affects us most of the Highbury traffic.

The low traffic neighbourhoods have cut off a lot of cut throughs and any through car traffic. This has driven the traffic onto the main roads. Massively increasing on the big road. The scheme is to increase traffic on arterial roads while reducing the small road traffic around these big roads. It is these cut throughs that give the ecargo bikes the big advantages over vans.

Cargo Bike Micromobility delivery

These problems do not affect cargo bike users.

In 2021 plumber Shane Topley announced her had ditched his van while on jobs in orders in parts when needed rather than pulling them about in a van.

Most of the equipment he said uses on a daily basis can be added to an ecargo bike.

We asked Shane about productivity and he said micromobility 'The cargo ebike has made me into an eco-warrior while actually increasing my ability to get to jobs with much lower costs".

DPD Ecargo bike Micromobility While Micheal from Drings Butchers ( tells micro mobility news:  'Now with the local traffic networks, we now have the options without delay. While also customers love to see us delivering by ebikes. Moving forward it will become all the more important to deliver with micromobility'.

A brewery on wheels:

While Pedelme , the London based Ecargo bike courier firm happily transports empty beer kegs around town. With up to 12 smaller kegs on their cargo bikes at work.

Down in Brighton, Rachel Blake from Brighton Gin Peddler tells Micromobility news:

"We have loved using our e-cargo bike and been immensely grateful for the help from the Brighton and Hove City Council's e-Cargo accelerator scheme.

In a year and a half we've done over 2500 miles around Brighton on the bike delivering to local customers and businesses. We're thrilled to have a sustainable delivery solution and customers always seem very pleased to have their gin arrive by bike!" Micrombility Brighton Gin Cargo ebike

Seen this week in London, a london based gardener uses the Urban arrow for all of their tools plus to get around. Particularly enjoy how they have added extra features to the bike.

Micromobility news London Cargo Ebike delivering

while in Stroud in the west of Englnd Harry Managing Director of the Bike Dropctold micromobility news

E-bikes and E-cargo bikes have empowered us to kick start what we like to call - the bike revolution! Our mission is to make people think - Bike First - when it comes commercial, commuting and leisure sustainability within the Stroud District.