parcels as passengers and micromobility on urban renewal

December 16, 2021


We had the privledge to sit down with Liam and Debi from the Rail Innovation Group, To discuss the idea of parcels as passengers.

About the Rail Innovation Group:

The Rail Innovation Group is an independent community with a mission to build the tech ecosystem in rail.

The RIG has 3 roles:

Providing a neutral space for cross industry collaboration – Rail Meet Ups. Helping rail adapt & prepare for future mobility services – our Recognised Innovation Scheme.

Identifying new suppliers & providing guidance on pathways into rail

The RIG brings together suppliers and stake holders outside of the traditional rail industry. With it bringing fresh prospectives and talent to what is otherwise quite a conservative indsutry. Improving and gowing the list of new suppliers into this industry.

Parcels as Passengers:

The premise of the challenge of parcels as passengers is to find a solution that fits broadly the network.

Proof of concept of Parcels as Passengers

While reimaging parts of the train stations that can be utilized for parcel boxes and delivery.

With a wide range of issues to consider including Station and train design.

personel movements on and off the trains. Who is responsibily depends on the point of view. If couriers are moving on and off the trains are they employed by the train operator or courir firm?

The full podcast with Us at Micromobility, Liam and Debi from the Rail Innovation Group can be found here.

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