micromobility law will be in the queens speech

April 29, 2022


Private e-scooters will finally be legalised for use on British roads as Grant Shapps will unveiled next month.

Our prediction is Escooters and other forms of the new transport electric of low weight and low powered micromobility will also be brought into legal existance. See the recent debates in The House of Lords

Trial areas for the currently illegal e-scooters have been introduced across the country reserved for the large escooter rental companies. All others are illegal on UK roads. As the spectator writes this week. The current laws only allow big corporate firms to be deploy their own escooters. It would be a bit like considering all cars on the road to be from rental firms.

Baroness Vere who sits in the house of lords said the likely new law will described as personal transporter law.

There are still believed to be about 750,000 private e-scooters in use across the UK.

This is despite it technically being illegal to ride a private e-scooter anywhere in the UK that is not private land.

Mr Shapps told MPs today that legislation concerning e-scooters will be included in the Queen's Speech on 10th May, when the Government unveils its next legislation.

Mr Shapps presented himself to the House of Commons' Transport Committee, the Transport Secretary said:

'In the future I want to crack down on the illegal use on roads of non-compliant e-scooters.' Grant Shapps Select committee Escooters

Mr Shapps is considering allowing private e-scooters to be used on the UK roads as long as they meet similar safety specifications as the highly specified escooter designs in the trails.