Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

June 10, 2022


The University of Warwick's WMG hosted a highly focussed micromobility one day conference. Bringing together the protagonists of this new and exciting industry. The conference launched the WMG Micromobility road map.

You can find the micromobility roadmapMicromobility road map here.

A broad list of micromobility companies presenting through the day along the transport minister who gave the opening speech.

There was some excellent examples of the UK's innovation. Especially illstracting the support groups and inncabators of these light weight, emission free vehicles. Including the Niche Vehicle Network and Catapult.

Niche Vehicle Network Micromobility

Catapult Warwick University

Here was the Agenda for the day: Micomobility Conference Warwick 2022

The UK's Micromobility Cluster:

The WMG is becoming the focal point for this new industry. Close to the UK's automotive and enginneering hub of the west midlands and Coventry.

If there was a cluster forming on Micromobility it is evident that the Midlands is the micromobility cluster for the UK.

If new firms entering the market ar unsure of where to be based for the UK. The Coventry Warwick Arh close to the University would be a great place to start.

Here are some photos of WMG conference day: Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

Micromobility Conference WMG 2022 Micromobility conference warwick Lecture