Micro Mobility in the UK

October 13, 2021


In the early days of October 2021 and a brief conversation with the Transport Secetary of the UK, Grant Shapps. Grant Shapps was keen to promote the data coming from the trails of Micro Mobility in London and the regional towns in the UK. The E scooters and E bikes.

We felt that the the trails are superfluous. While the micro Mobility industry is at the early stages of tansforming the UK's urban and sub urban environment. We need the UK Government to look seriously at the industry and de regulate as much as possible.

Allowing the industry to growth without the current strict regulations. Especially for the E Scooter providers and users.

This news site is designed to illistrate and promote the Micro Mobility industry with news and views from across providers and users.

We look forward to having readers of the site.