Ebikes are the future of micromobility

November 2, 2022


We have talked quite a bit as to the future development of the micromobility space in the UK. We have continued to see money go into Escooter trails with mixed results. However, the stand out success of ebike free floating rentals shows the future is not with the Escooters, rather it is with Ebikes. Ebikes come in many different forms, including cargo ebikes. Riding ebikes is considered smarter and more sophisciated than the long maligned escooter rider. Who even in the political discussions are considered to be rule breakers. Whereas ebikes are considered to be smart.

On the ground you can see Lime, the Micromobility operator in London double down on their ebike offering. Along with other micromobility firms offering only ebikes.

We have discussed in the past how some mixed micromobility operators have removed the attractiveness of the ebikes because they want to promote escooter useage. https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/news/london-micromobility-strategy Time has show us that this tactic has simply pushed users to the mostly ebike providers. Including Lime and humanforest.

Lime has unveiled an extra £6.3 million for London bike hire infrastructure, taking its investment in the capital in 2022 to a whopping £26 million.

The standout suggest of the fourth-generation e-bike while expanding its physical footprint to include the boroughs of Hackney and Hammersmith and Fulham. According to Lime, use of its e-bikes grew 117% in the first six months of the year.

Lime CEO Wayne Ting told the london Standard: “As people get out of the pandemic they’re looking for new ways to move.

“London has been a leader in thinking through transformative transportation policy — I don’t know of another major city that is implementing something of that scale.

“This year is shaping up to be the best year ever. We’ve now got the biggest warehouse of any micro mobility firm in London and we’re on a path getting to long-term profitability.”

In August of 2022 Westminster Council began seizing dockless hire bikes which are left blocking pavements and roads. A Westminster councillor describing discarded bikes as “potentially dangerous, especially for those with disabilities”.

Ting the CEO OF LIME said the issue of pavements being crowded with bikes was down to a lack of cycle infrastructure provision in the capital.

“We can always do a better job to ensure our bikes don’t block the streets – but we don’t have enough spaces in the city to park our bikes on the street,” he said.

If you want to see successs in light weight electric vehicles. Its not the scooter model but the ebikes that the public really want.