Cargo bikes bring alternative solutions for the urban delivery

February 16, 2022


Ecargo Bike delivery London Micromobility

The new generation of cargo bikes with their improved motors, lighter frames and wider bodies. Are now beginning to provide the alternative solution of logistics firms in the urban environment. Becoming a pillar of the micromobility movement.

The background:

Most van driver operators know the price of running vans are ever increasing. Note the continued increase in price of petrol and diesel at the pump. Plus the expensive change over the fully electric vans.

Coupled with the urban environment is getting increasingly hostile to their existence. With up to a billion small packages moving around London a week they are mostly delivered by vans. The market is quite large and ripe for disruption.

There is new wave of electric powered cargo bike fleet firms who have started the long journey of disintermiating the van delivery in the urban environment.

While the ecargo bikes to be not classed as a car need to be below the 250 KW an hour power without a throttle and a maximum pedal push speed of 15.5 miles an hour.

These cargo bikes cleverly ride the cycle networks across the urban environment. Making them swift and fast at delivering surprisingly large loads.

While there is no regulation as to how much or how wide the load can be as it is driven by mostly human effort.

The Future:

Over the coming year the UK government will start to the legislative journey to legalise escooters and widen the definition of micromobility.

We aim to add photos and more articles in the near future. Here are some ecargo bikes doing deliveries in London.

Cargo Bike Micromobility

Cargo Bike Micromobility delivery

Cargo bikes micromobility

Delivering with a cargo bike micromobility

DPD Ecargo bike Micromobility