Cargo bike festival

October 11, 2022


International Cargo Bike festival

Cargo Bikes are the solution for much of the urban transport challenges facing the UK.

The widest block in the development of cargo bike use in the UK is the definition of the what can be a untaxed, uninsured vehicle that can use the road.

With Europe it is 750 KW/h pedal assit motor, while in the UK it is 250 KW/L. Defined by the 1988 transport act.

There has been attempts in the last Government to update the act. Mostly led by Baroness Vere which includes the update of the escooter laws.

In our previous blog posts we have discussed how the escooter laws are about to change. Cargo Bikes are in the same bracket. (

Think how scooters have / need a handlebar acceleator. So we can expect the new 'personal transporter laws' will have a handlebar throttle along with increase of power. Wtih the top speed of 15.5 mph still be fixed.

We will be at the Cargo bike festival

The latest event of cargo bikes is in Amsterdam later in October.

International Cargo Bike festival