Micromobility companies

Here we aim to provide an updated list of companies that serve micromobility in the UK.

With their names, brand and contact details on the listing.

Plus anything else of interest.

Please email if you would like to be included or info updated / added.

We have tried to put the list into categories that might change as the list progresses especially as providers cross categories.

Shared Ebikes:

Beryl: https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/Beryl

Shared Micormobility in Norwich, Bournemouth, Hereford

Bewege https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/bewegen Midlothian and East Lothian Shared Ebikes

Cargoroo https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/Cargoroo e-cargo bike share in Manchester

Co Bikes https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/co-bikes Ebike Rentals in Exeter

Donkey Republic Rental ebikes in UK https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/donkey-republic

Fifteen https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/fifteen Making cities become 15 minute cities

Hourbike https://www.micromobilitynews.co.uk/hour-bike Hourbike your ideal bike share partner?


Lime Nextbike UK Ride-on Serco Share bike Tier Voi

Shared Escooters:

Beryl Bird Bolt Dott Ginger Helbiz Lime Link (Super Pedestrian) Neuron Spin Tier Voi Zipp Mobility Zwings