Micromoblity Cargo Bikes

The transformative power of micromobility

A version of this blog entry first appeared at the Conservative Environment Network blog. The transformative power of micromobility for the environment The average car journey in the UK is around 8 miles. This is bad for the environment, for our health. We no…

Micromobility Councils

Ebike growth and councils

In the past week, one council has announced an ebike partnership with three micromobility providers. Further proof that the ebike strategy is the growth story of micromobility here in the UK. Floating dockless ebike rentals in london are the real growth story…

Levelling up and micromobility

Micromobility and levelling up

Levelling up is at the very heart of this current Government's agenda. It is about distributing opportunities evenly throughout the UK. Not just in the South East or one area over another. Boris Johnson in 2021 says about levelling up in the summer of 2021: “…

York Micromobiliy Rail users

Rail stations are the key to unlocking micromobility

We have written and produced a podcast as to the value of train stations for micromobility. With parcels as passengers along with train stations being mobility hubs. With Parcels being delivered to the train station rather than into the town using a van. It i…

Micromobility 20 percent of urban travel

Micromobility modes could replace 20 percent of short car trips

Micromobility modes could replace 1/5 of short car trips according to a new research in the US at the Carnegie Mellon University. Corey Harper, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering (CEE) and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, l…

Micromobility accident who is to blame

Do micromobility riders always get the blame

Here in the UK there is a concerted effort to make micromobility as prohibitive as possible with media making escooters seem to be total menace. Keeping rental firms to strong limits such as 12.5 miles an hour for their hire escooters. While media more often …


European escooter safety legislation

European experiences of accidents with escooters according to the recent PACT report. The report that came out this week writes it is sometimes said that other European countries have developed ways to accommodate e-scooters and that the UK needs to “catch up…

Escooters in the UK micromobility

Micromobility safety charity PACTS recommends

A charity focusing on reducing car accidents has recommended to Government that escooters, which are still illegal to use. Should be prevented from travelling more than 12.5 miles an hour along with criminalising the use of escooters on pavements. According t…

Jason Not Just Bikes Micromobility news

Not Just Bikes and Micromobility news

We had the utter privilege of having Jason Slaughter from Not Just bikes. The author of a highly popular YouTube channel by the same name. The YouTube channel covers urban design and daily living in the Netherlands especially around the value of bicycling aro…

Cargo bikes micromobility

Productivity improvements with micromobility

There have been a number of publicly discussed examples of how individuals and companies have taken cargo ebikes to radically improve their efficiency of going about and delivering their work. We had the privilege of speaking to Andy from Bread by bike. He to…