Ebike holidaying in the UK

Can the UK become an Ebike touring destination

This is an article that is part of a series of articles discussing the potential for ebikes and micromobility in and around the UK's coastal holiday regions. Ebike Tourism, renting ebikes for a week in a similar fashion to boating is something the UK has yet …

London Restrictive Micromobility provider

London's Micromobility Strategy

London's Micromobility strategy: There is something peculiar about how different micromobility firms are operating in London. There seems to be so many restrictions on usage of the ebikes, which are not licensed by central government unlike Escooters. Council…

pedestrianisation and micromobilty

Pedestrianisation and Micromobility

What has been clear over the past few weeks of micromobility conferences in the UK. Along with local elections in May is the political capital for low traffic neighbourhoods aka pedestrianisation goes hand in hand with the rise of micromobility. What we know …

Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

Micromobility Conference WMG 2022

The University of Warwick's WMG hosted a highly focussed micromobility one day conference. Bringing together the protagonists of this new and exciting industry. The conference launched the WMG Micromobility road map. You can find the micromobility roadmapMic…

Move Micromobility

Micromobility Conferences 2022

Through the summer of 2022, finally at the back end of the world Covid 19 pandemic. With lateral flow tests and PCR tests finally behind us to go to conferences and traval abroad. This summer there are a number of micromobility conferences that we would like …

micromobility italy

Micromobility and coastal tourism

We have felt the micromobility revolution will help bring new life into the coastal towns. Where there are huge spikes in both traffic and residents in the area over the few months of the summer. The idea of Ebikes providing an alternative to the car for the…

Escooter micromobility trails

The Queen Speech on Micromobility

The Queen speech yesterday didnt mention Micromobility exactly rather it alluded to thus new industry to soon be brought into a regulatory environment. The UK government has announced a Transport Bill at the Speech designed to keep the UK "at the forefront of…


micromobility pathway to regulation

A new road map for regulation for micromobility has been proposed by the University of Warwick. Proposing new quality and safety regulations report for micromobility vehicles. This is after Dr Ianto's pathway to escooter regulation recommendation. while the …

Micromobility Escooter Railway

Why were Esooters banned in the UK

Why were Escooters banned anyway? It is a complex story. Mostly down to the huge presssure the UK legisators were under to include as much of vehicles, two wheels, electric or otherwise as a taxed and insuranced vehicle if used on the public roads. So in arou…

Grant Shapps Select committee Escooters

micromobility law will be in the queens speech

Private e-scooters will finally be legalised for use on British roads as Grant Shapps will unveiled next month. Our prediction is Escooters and other forms of the new transport electric of low weight and low powered micromobility will also be brought into leg…